Drea (stupidondisplay) wrote in club_901,

Alias Boards birthday bash

Okay, Alias Boards's birthday is this October, and since AB is the host of all our madness and the place that brought us all together, I'm thinking we should do a little something special for it.

I was thinking sporting AB-birthday banners the week of it's birthday, but if you have any suggestions, fire away.
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october 12th, to be exact and it will be its 2nd birthday. :D

i just want to warn all of you that the staff is doing a lot for AB's birthday(well, not a lot a lot, but something...you know?). keep your eyes out for some new occurances and stuff. Oh, and lots of suggestions(using the suggestions thread) would be great so that our third year will be better than alias's third year :D.
I figured as much, but I thought it would be nice of us to do a little something since they host our insanity.
hehe. think something up. please. i'm completely devoid of ideas. they've all been used for our mod planning
Ooh, do tell. A little something.
my lips are sealed
banner are a nice idea, hmm... i'm bad at ideas.
Hey, whatever you got in the one-track-Sark mind of yours, let me know.
Well I would just suggest we all make Sark banners...
Not that kind of thinking!
Oh... ok. What type?
Ooh, banners are a good idea. Other than that...*shrug*
Think Meggers, think!
I think AB Birthday Banners are a great idea. We could always dedicate a Week to AB. As in, 'This Week Belongs To Alias Boards'.
Exactly what I was going for. :P Here's an S/V cookie for you.
Look Jamie is using LJ, you should all be proud of me. I am in for the birthday banners. :)